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Unlocking the Power of eSports in Education: Webinar Series for Teachers and Administrators

Empower Your Students, Ignite Learning!

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Join Us for An Exclusive eSports Webinar

Are you curious about the educational benefits of eSports and how to bring this exciting opportunity to your students? Look no further! TechaBee invites teachers and administrators to join our insightful webinar series designed to explore the world of eSports in education.

Why eSports in Education?

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Discover how eSports can captivate students' interest, fostering a love for teamwork, strategy, and problem-solving.

Skill Development

Skill Development

Uncover the ways in which eSports enhances critical skills like communication, decision-making, and adaptability.

Inclusivity & Community

Inclusivity & Community

Explore how eSports provides an inclusive space for students of all backgrounds, fostering a sense of community within your school.

Webinar Schedule:

Webinar: The Benefits of eSports in Education

Learn about the educational advantages of eSports and how it positively impacts students.

Earn Professional Development Hours for FREE!

Participate in one of our webinars and earn valuable professional development hours at no cost. Our expert presenters will provide you with the knowledge and tools to kickstart an eSports program in your school. Can't make these times - register and we will send you the recording to listen to when you can… or we are happy to do a one on one discussion!


How to Register:

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Benefits of Attending:

Insights from Industry Experts

Gain knowledge from professionals experienced in both eSports and education.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded educators and administrators seeking to enhance student engagement.

Practical Strategies

Receive actionable strategies and tips to implement eSports programs successfully.

Don't Miss Out on This Unique Opportunity!

Unlock new possibilities for your students and school. Join our eSports webinars and be part of the educational revolution.

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