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Empower Your School Tech Program with Techabee

A Complete Solution: From Tech Planning to Implementation, We've Got You Covered

The Techabee team is here to help your school reach its full technology potential, providing a range of comprehensive services to ensure your tech initiatives thrive.

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Expert IT Support for Schools

Expert IT Support for Schools

Whether your school already has a dedicated tech team that could use additional support or you're in search of a trusted tech provider, TechaBee is here to assist. Our team of seasoned IT professionals is ready to complement your existing resources or step in as your reliable technology partner, ensuring a seamless tech experience for your school community.

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Strategic Tech Planning for Schools

Strategic Tech Planning for Schools

At TechaBee, we specialize in comprehensive tech planning services tailored to schools. From crafting budgets and long-term tech roadmaps to assessing online curriculum needs and defining device requirements, we're your go-to partner for strategic technology planning. We're here to help you present your vision to boards, secure funding sources, and engage with the community, ensuring a bright tech future for your school.

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Empowering Educators Through EdTech Training

Empowering Educators Through EdTech Training

Our commitment to enhancing education extends to empowering educators through EdTech training. Whether it's one-on-one support, engaging webinars, or customized training sessions, our experienced team is dedicated to helping teachers harness the full potential of classroom technology. We're here to ensure that teachers have the skills and confidence to create enriching learning experiences using the available technology.

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Optimizing Google Suite for Schools content

Techabee is your trusted partner for harnessing the full potential of the Google Suite in an educational setting.

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Robust Content Filtering for Schools

Techabee provides robust content filtering solutions tailored for schools. We understand the importance of creating a safe and secure online environment for students. Our content filtering services empower schools to manage and control internet access, ensuring that students can explore the digital world safely while staying focused on educational content.

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eSports for Schools: A New Frontier

Techabee is at the forefront of the eSports revolution in schools. We offer support in setting up eSports programs, from selecting the right hardware and software to coaching tips. We are here to help your school embark on this exciting journey, fostering teamwork, strategic thinking, and digital skills among students.

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