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Experience EdTech Training with Techabee

At Techabee, we believe that the true potential of educational technology lies in the hands of knowledgeable and confident educators. Our EdTech Training program is your gateway to a transformative educational experience, equipping teachers and staff with the skills and insights to harness the power of technology in the classroom.

Create Your School's Program

EdTech Training Formats

At Techabee, we understand that every educator's learning journey is unique. That's why we offer flexible training formats to meet diverse needs and preferences:

Large Group Workshops:

  • Description: Ideal for school-wide training sessions or district-level professional development.
  • Benefits: Promote collaboration, create a unified tech-savvy culture, and ensure a consistent approach to EdTech across your institution.

Small Group Seminars:

  • Description: Tailored to department or grade-level needs, allowing for a more personalized learning experience.
  • Benefits: Fosters a deeper understanding of EdTech tools, encourages discussion, and promotes collaboration within smaller teams.

Coaching and Support:

  • Description: Personalized training sessions with individual educators.
  • Benefits: Addresses specific needs, builds confidence, and provides dedicated support for integrating technology effectively into teaching.