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TechaBee and ELEA Partnership: Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Welcome to TechaBee's partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA). We're delighted to open the doors to a world of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance the educational experience for ELEA member schools.

Benefits for ELEA Members:


Off One -Time Activation Fees

ELEA members enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on all one-time activation fees, making it more affordable to implement TechaBee's services in your school.


Assessments Choose One or All
  • Free Tech Planning

    Collaborate with our experts to build or revise a comprehensive three or five-year tech plan for your school. We'll assess device life cycles, network infrastructure, budgets, and more to ensure your school is future-ready.

  • Free Network Assessment

    Is your school facing Wi-Fi issues or network challenges? Our network specialists will provide a thorough assessment, map out your network, and suggest improvements, upgrades, or security enhancements.

  • Free EdTech Plan

    Tailored to your school's needs, our experts will assist in creating a customized EdTech plan that supports your teachers with a training program aligned with their curriculum, devices, and strengths.

  • Free eSports Consultation

    Explore the world of eSports in education. We'll help you assess the potential for an eSports program in your school, offering insights into the educational and career opportunities it can provide to your students.

These exclusive benefits aim to empower ELEA member schools with cost-effective, comprehensive support to enhance their technology, education, and extracurricular programs.

Ready to seize these exclusive benefits for your school?

Reach out to us today to discuss how TechaBee can partner with your institution and help you achieve your technology and educational goals.