Helping Schools Teach during Covid-19 Get Started


TechaBee is offering a series of free webinars designed to ensure student success and help your school prepare for the transition to distance and hybrid learning this school year. Click the dates to register today!

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1:00 Tues Aug 3
Virtual Field Trips
Want to show your students the world? Go on a virtual adventure with the TechaBee team and learn what free resources are available for you and your classes.
Next Session
12:30 Aug 17th
Enhancing Lessons with Technology
Burnt out on technology after the last year? Let us help you make your technology use more productive!
Next Session
9:00 Thurs July 29
Classroom Management. How to get the tech to work for you.
Do you ever wonder what your students are doing on their devices during class? Do you wonder how to motivate good behavior and digital citizenship? We will review a number of tips, tricks, and tools for just those problems!
Classroom Technology Tips & Tricks
This webinar will prepare you for the ups and downs of technology in your classroom. You will learn some quick tricks for troubleshooting and fixing common issues for iPad, Chromebooks, computers, and printers!
Google Classroom for Beginners
New to Google Classroom? This introductory lesson will walk you through the basics of how to use Google Classroom to enhance your teaching.
Next Session
2:00 Thurs Aug 12
Google Classroom for Ninjas
Are you a seasoned user of Google Classroom? We have some great tips, tricks, and advanced ninja moves for you! Learn how to use Google’s tools to make your life easier.

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