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Tech Support

Get the Remote or In-Person Support Your Staff Needs

Whatever hardware or software your school is running, Techabee Techs have the years of experience necessary to set it up, troubleshoot issues, and keep it all up to date. Our dedicated team can easily cover the installation, upgrade, and oversight of any of the pieces of technology that we recommend. Our trained technicians can also easily work with your existing technology.

Plus, if your school is out of our regular, in-person service area, we are now able to provide remote IT services for software issues. This means that one of our technicians can log onto your computer and make any adjustments needed, without ever having to set foot on campus. Don’t think that we can’t visit though! For larger or hardware installations, we can get one of our techs to anywhere in the country, with proper planning.

It’s all part of our dedication to helping you, your school, and your staff run smoothly.