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Student iPad

Your student has an iPad that used to be managed by the school. Now what?

  1. Backup Your iPad:You’ll need to make sure the iPad has been backed up to either iCloud, iTunes, or an Apple Device. If you do not complete this step all pictures, apps, notes, etc. will be wiped when it is reset.
    1. Follow THIS LINK for directions on how to backup your iPad.
    2. NOTE: All iPads will be wiped remotely through the school’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) program on June 30, 2022. Please make sure you complete this step before then or all information will be lost.
  2. Resetting your iPad:Once the iPad has been wiped from the school’s MDM you will need to do a factory reset to completely remove it from the school’s management.
    1. Follow THESE STEPS if you have a PC Device
    2. Follow THESE STEPS if you have an Apple Device
  3. Not Working? Please contact TechaBee