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Network Support

Network Assessment

The first step to a healthy and reliable network is knowing what you have. TechaBee offers free assessments to all schools. Contact us to schedule yours today! (Assessments are available on site or remotely. Availability subject to distance from TechaBee headquarters)

Get the robust Wi-Fi your school requires!

Today’s classrooms rely heavily on the internet. From teachers sharing content through a projector to students using their own devices, the classroom has changed. This type of drastic change requires a new look at foundational services available at your school.

WiFi service and products that worked before the age of technology in every classroom just can’t support your school the way your teachers, students, and parents expect.

What does full internet coverage feel like?


With the appropriate equipment and management, your school can fully utilize the internet. Load pages and videos with ease on a multitude of devices.

Solid Reliability

Forget the days of spotty and inconsistent Wi-Fi. Avoid constant drops, slow-downs, and inconsistent connections. Our suggested solutions are proven at school campuses across the country.

Great Support

You are backed by our friendly team of networking and education experts. Call us anytime with any question and we will help you solve your problem. Our unique blend of remote and on-site support keeps your costs low while providing you full coverage and accessible support.

Ready for your assessment?

Fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary assessment.
*In person assessments are available within a limited service area. Please contact us for more information.