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Getting Back in the Classroom

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Options for Opening

In-Person Teaching Model

If a school chooses an in-person teaching model, students and teachers will have face-to-face interactions in the classroom. All learning occurs in real-time.

Hybrid Learning Model

Also known as a 'blended' teaching model, the hybrid learning model integrates components from both in-person and online learning. This model offers flexibility for schools to choose when students are learning in-person versus remotely for certain days of the week.

Online Teaching Model

Schools using an online or distance learning model will move all teaching to virtual methods including live video chats, discussion boards, digital assignments, and more. Teachers are able to choose between synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous learning materials to best support student learning.

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, Beehively understands the difficulty of preparing for a return to the classroom this fall. Although many medical professionals and leaders across the country have proposed vastly different options for school re-openings, many agree that technology will hold a critical role in supporting student success across all teaching models during this time.

To help schools navigate this tricky situation, we have interviewed school leaders, researched options proposed by state and medical leaders, and added in our own technical expertise to build a technology suggestion for reopening your school regardless of what type of program you will be running.

Factors to Consider

Regulatory Factors to consider

  • Immunocompromised students
  • Students with an at-risk family member in the home
  • Students quarantining or infected
  • Shared objects at school such as devices, books, or toys
  • Proximity-based activities like group work and centers

At home factors to consider

  • Access to the internet
  • Access to a device to lessons and homework
  • Knowledge/understanding of technology
  • Parent availability


In-Person Teaching Model

Are none of your kids online?

Use your classroom display to encourage students to work together while physically distanced. Try recording your screen and board for students and parents to use as a homework resource!

Leverage available connections from the students’ devices to your classroom display to keep students engaged with each other. Using tools like GSuite collaborations and Kahoot, students can learn together.

Hybrid Learning Model

Are some students at home?

Set up a camera to teach distance learning students from your classroom. You can do this on a budget by using an older iPad or Chromebook on a stand to film your lesson.

Utilize an educational video call service like Beehively’s meetings or Google meet to allow remote students to fully engage in your classroom. Make sure you have notifications on the video meeting so that your remote students can ask live questions!

Online Teaching Model

Are your kids all at home?

Create a schedule of classes that include a video call link that both students and parents can easily access. Beehively’s Hybrid Learning Platform will provide students with a daily agenda complete with meeting links and homework assignments.

Remember that learning from home involves additional, differentiated stressors than learning in a classroom. Consider scaling back the number of classes per day and opting for a slightly more free-form curriculum that supports individual learning and schedules. Check out our distance learning suggestions for more applications, programs, and curriculum options for fully online or distance learning.

Hardware / Softwares Suggestions

Hardware Suggestions:

  • In classroom cameras
    • iPad
    • Chromebook
    • Extra Laptop
    • Wifi-enabled video camera
  • Invest in a quality tripod or stand that can move around the classroom depending on the activity being recorded.
  • Teachers should use a bluetooth headset with a clear microphone to ensure remote students can hear the entire lesson.

Software Suggestions:

  • Beehively Hybrid Learning Platform
    • Helps teachers share valuable information no matter what model of classroom you are teaching in.
    • Daily schedules, integrated meetings, classroom pages, and dedicated classroom communication help your classroom transition from school to home seamlessly.
    • Make sure everyone (students, parents, and teachers) know when and where their classes will be held.
    • Build a classroom environment that works with asynchronous schedules using live lessons recorded for students to view and interact with at a later time.
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
    • If your school or district allows you to utilize Zoom, it is a good option for online streaming of classes.
    • Make sure your security settings are all set!
  • Padlet
    • Create post-it style discussion boards online that allow students to see what everyone is posting and collaborate in real-time
    • Free software that can be used for activities such as
      • Live question bank
      • Exit tickets
      • Icebreakers
      • Group discussions
  • Remind
    • Effectively communicate with parents and students by sending classwide announcements through a single dashboard
    • Send reminders, attachments, or files through email or cell phone to connect with families
  • Pear Deck
    • Create interactive slideshows for students to engage with at home and allows for easy digital assessment
    • Integrate into existing slideshows on Google Drive or Microsoft PowerPoint or create content from scratch using templates
    • Digital elements include
      • Draw using a digital canvas
      • Multiple-choice questions
      • Numbers-only responses
      • Text responses
      • Browse embedded websites

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