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Content Filtering

TechaBee Content Filtering!

Technology can be fun, but it can also be scary. Content filtering protects your students from stumbling on inappropriate or unsafe content at school.

TechaBee helps schools implement effective content filtering solutions with multiple filtering levels. Covering multiple channels of information on a multitude of devices makes effective content filtering difficult.

Our robust service ensures that your teachers can safely utilizes online resources without worrying about unsafe or inappropriate content cutting into their lessons.

Our content filtering solution includes:

  • Cloud-based management, no additional devices to manage or maintain
  • Categorical filters amplified by artificial intelligence and input from millions of users
  • Protection for the school's network, devices, and G Suite accounts
  • Regular updates to filters, services, and software
  • Ongoing support including real-time filter updates based on your input
  • Friendly and accessible support team - call, text or email at any time
  • CIPA compliant

TechaBee Content Filtering!